Summer Whinnys Help Your Horse Leg Up for Spring – Keep Hives, Infection, and Leg Pain at Bay

Can a bug bite lead to laminitis?  Localized skin swellings or lesions – like hives – usually represent an acute allergic reaction, often triggered by something as innocuous as an insect bite.  An acute reaction like hives suggest that a horse’s largest organ and first line of defense – its skin – has been compromised, leaving the body open to infection.


In the case of hives, an insect or fly bite – according to research from the University of California (UC) Davis Center for Equine Health – can start a chain reaction of allergic reactions that can include difficulty in breathing, swelling of the eyelids and nostrils, or yes, sometimes, even laminitis.  Atopic and insect-induced dermatitis result from allergic reactions to insect bites (most commonly, Culicoides sp., known as midges or “no-see-ums”) and lead to hair loss, hives, or secondary bacterial infections from scales or crusts in affected areas. A horse harried by flies can have so acute a hypersensitive reaction that it leads to a drop in respiration and temperature, abortion in pregnant mares or, in severe cases, death.

With warm weather around the corner, owners should protect their horses’ legs from biting insects and infection.  Leg stomping to remove flies can result in hoof cracking and splitting, and for horses suffering from laminitis, founder or arthritis; each stomp creates more shooting pain.  Such horses can’t bear to stomp and, sadly, may have to stand utterly defenseless against biting flies.

Until now, it has been almost impossible to find a wrap that will allow air circulation, stays in place on the leg, and helps keep the surrounding environment clean while protecting leg sores from these filthy insects and encouraging healing.  Summer Whinnys™ offer a barrier between biting flies and your horse’s legs.  Summer Whinnys™ are made from a durable, custom-designed yarn featuring unique antimicrobial qualities.   Copper and silver ions in the yarn inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi, building a clean environment around the legs that dissuade biting insects while allowing existing sores and wounds to heal.  Its special yarn has high wicking capabilities to absorb moisture and create a cooling effect, just like high quality human athletic socks.

Summer Whinnys™ allow for freer motion of the fetlock- pastern joint and stay in place from morning until night with a comfortable and safe level of light compression on the leg. Functionality and performance make Summer Whinnys™ the solution for protecting legs from biting flies.  These tough socks last multiple summers, demonstrating the high quality that comes with products Made in America. Sox For Horses, Inc. donates generously to horse and other animal rescue groups.  Wholesale inquiries are welcome.   For more information about Summer Whinnys® go to or call Sox For Horses, Inc. at 850-907-5724. has not factually verified the product press releases and assumes no responsibility for the contents of, or any damage resulting from, any communication in them. The publishing of this information is not an endorsement of the company, product or service. Product press releases may be submitted for approval and publishing to [email protected]. Not all press releases will be published.