Outback Trading Company Offers the Australian Inspired Oilskin Duster

The Outback Trading Company is one of the original bush outfitters to offer the Australian inspired Oilskin Duster to the world. Outback Trading Company has built a business evolving the Oilskin fabric, from the long “trench coat” style duster, to fashion forward jackets of today.

 “Every year it seems that people are discovering the benefits of Oilskin, and are migrating the Oilskin products into their everyday wear,” states Wilson King, President of Outback Trading Company.

The mystery of oilskin fabric is something that is so simple that some just can’t comprehend it. The cotton fabric is brushed to give it that “fuzzy” look. The cotton is then infused with a special oil mixture. “Oil and water don’t mix,” with the oil infusion, now the fabric is made waterproof.

So many questions arise when the subject of oilskin comes up; there are also so many old tales about the fabric that no longer hold true. With the evolution of the technology in which the oilskin fabric is manufactured, many of the worries of yesteryear are just that. Today’s wearers can enjoy a worry free wearing experience. You will not find an Oilskin garment from Outback Trading Company that has an odor or one that will discolor anything that it touches. There have been many years of research that can allow me to say this.

The one thing that has not changed is the Oilskin jackets are made to wear hard, and clean easily. Due to the oil in the fabric, you cannot wash your oilskin in a traditional washer, you must handle it as you would your horse or tack, elbow grease! Simply brush off, hang and hose! It really can’t get any simpler.

After many hard months in rugged conditions it is recommended that you reproof your garment. Outback Trading has developed a product for this, Duckback dressing. It is a mixture of mineral oil, waxes and lanolin. To apply, it is easiest if both garment and Duckback dressing are at room temperature, and then simply smear it all over. You have just added years to your Oilskin jacket, vest, hat or chaps.

Questions about the Oilskin duster, visit our website, http://www.outbacktrading.com/ click on the FAQ link. To locate a duster in your size and color visit our website and click the find a retailer link.

About the Brand

Outback Trading Company, a leading supplier of all-weather outdoor apparel. Established in 1983, Outback Trading Company stays true to its reputation of producing durable and rugged high performing apparel. We are committed to producing hard wearing comfortable clothes for working lifestyles, as well as, functional fashion apparel. Outback Trading has a style and fit for all. Visit our website, http://www.outbacktrading.com/ or call 800-932-5141 for more information.



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