webcast Internet Explorer Prompt

Webcast Help for Internet Explorer Users

For those users viewing a webcast via Internet Explorer, you will more than likely be prompted to give permission to allow a needed plugin to run.  Consider the following image:



If you see the yellow bar at the top, then you will have to click on it to continue.  You will be given another choice to continue:  webcast Internet Explorer choose to run plugin



Click the "Run Add-on" item from the menu.  You will be presented with a dialog box(popup window) as illustrated here: webcast Internet Explorer Dialog Window


Click the "Run" button here.  At this point, it is installing a needed piece of software for the browser to use in playing the video.  Once that is completed, you may be prompted again with a yellow bar at the top of the browser window.  Just click that once again and accept any prompt to give it permission to play the video.


When finished, you should see a Windows Media Player embedded in the Internet Explorer browser window.  Use the following image as a reference to what you should expect: webcast Internet Explorer Media Player


You should see live action where the black area of the video player is represented above.