Heat Therapy for Your Horse

Long Wave Infra-red Heat Radiation and Textiles explained: It is well established and documented that long wave infrared heat radiation increases blood circulation. The increased blood circulation in the tissues helps to relieve muscle tension and improves performance.

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Heat energy can be transported in three ways: conduction (transfer), convection or radiation.

— When heat transfer or conduction occurs, the heat in a material spreads from one part of the material to another.

— Convection is the loss of heat when a heated liquid or gas (e.g. air) is displaced, carrying the heat with it. The insulating material in ordinary clothing and joint supports, for example cotton, wool and neoprene, is designed to prevent convection and thus retains body heat in the air outside the skin.

— Radiation occurs when a heat source emits heat radiation, where upon it collides with another surface and heats it. Radiant heat avoids trapping the heat through insulation, enabling a respiratory function, while heat energy in the body tissues increases.

People and animals radiate body heat, both at rest and in activity, however less heat is radiated when at rest. When a material is hit with heat rays, three things can occur.

— The rays can pass straight through the material, which is called transmittance. You would feel this effect if you were to stand in a room with the sun shining through the window.

— The second thing that can happen is that the rays bounce on the material’s surface — reflectance. If all the heat is reflected the material will not be heated as none of the rays radiate through the material.

— The third that can happen is the material absorbs the heat rays — absorbance. The radiant heat absorbed increases the heat content of the material.

A material has not only an absorption spectrum but also an emission spectrum. An emission spectrum essentially means that different materials radiate heat of various wavelengths within different temperatures. The amount of radiation and the radiation wavelength varies depending on the heat source temperature and the emission spectrum of the heat source materials. Generally, one can say that the lower the temperature heat source is the longer the wavelength of the heat radiation.

Ceramic particles can be fused into textile fibers. It is well established and documented that long wave infrared heat radiation from ceramic particles has a pain reducing effect and increases blood circulation.

Just like other materials, the body’s tissues have their own absorption spectrum. The absorption happens not only in the skin but also deeper down the tissue, which makes the veins wider not only superficially but also in the muscles and around the joints. The increased blood circulation in the tissues relieves muscle tension and strengthens the body’s own ability to reduce inflammations and heal injuries.


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