Cowboy Boot Camp in the Sequoias

Offered as the ultimate equine "family" vacation for horse enthusiasts, one of Southern California's leading horsemanship programs, Cowboy Boot Camp conducts a truly unique trail riding & horsemanship experience in the Sequoias in Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA.

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These three day retreats are designed to teach a thorough and practical approach to natural horsemanship and trail riding safety for the beginner, intermediate & advanced adult rider. Step-by-step techniques and lectures will be conducted to strengthen riding skills, increase confidence, as well as teach equine care and horse management. The clinic will be held on a beautiful 750 acre ranch in Johnsondale adjacent to California’s majestic Sequoia National Forest.

Whether this is a completely new equine experience or a fun way to vastly improve horsemanship skills, “Cowboy Boot Camp in the Sequoias” will provide comprehensive information and workshops about training procedures, ground work, tack, and more, that will help establish a solid riding foundation to more effectively communicate with horses. Jim Moore & Lori Barnett will be personally performing the hands-on work and instruction in the training and riding topics.

Additionally, this is a wonderful opportunity to bring the entire family to also enjoy fishing, hiking, kayaking, swimming, dancing, archery, shooting and much more. Full R.V. hook-ups are available for horsetrailers or participants can reserve a cozy cabin. Availabilities are limited.
Some of the clinic topics will include:
Veterinary Care
Understanding Conformation
Farrier Science and Foot Handling
Human & Horse Communication
Grooming and Bodywork
Tacking and Fitting Equipment
Foundation Training
Safe Trailering and Loading
Nervousness On-the-Trail/De-Spooking
Trail Riding Safety

“If you want to ride a wilderness trail and know that you and your horses can confidently handle most anything you encounter, then this is the clinic you should attend. See for yourself how important it is to understand the importance of horsemanship and understand how to create a trust-based relationship with horses that will provide a valuable foundation for any equine discipline.” Jim Moore & Lori Barnett

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