Teresa and ‘Bo’

This story is for the love of a very special horse in my life."Bo"This story is for the love of a very special horse in my life."Bo"

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This story is for the love of a very special horse in my life."Bo"

His reg. name is Bedouin Ruler. His sire is Itsalancer by *Naborr and his dam is Vallejo Gwalizet,by *Gwalior,by *Naborr. He was born on 6-4-81 and I have owned him since he was 2. He was my first, very own, horse after riding other peoples and dreaming for my own.

He has been my constant companion and friend for over 20 years. We have been to all types of shows in a mostly quarter horse area. We have always been in the ribbons. We have put in way to many miles together on the trails. He has proved the Arabian breed in this area to be a great horse to own. He has always been a people lover, never once has he tried to bite or kick.

He will put his head down to be petted by children and gives a perfect pony ride with only a halter on. He has always been there to listen when I needed him. And to this day still gets in the way when you have something to do out in the pasture. He has to see just what you are up too.

photo: loveletters Bo, as a two-year-old, preparing for his first parade where even the street sweeper didn’t faze him.
He foundered a few years ago so I do not get to ride him like I used to.

He was my first and only horse and will always be my special friend. So this is to you my special friend, may your pain never be great and I may look into the pasture and see and hear you for many more years.

Someday I will lose you and heaven help the pain in my heart. I will look for another, but none will ever fill your shoes.

The pic I included is right after I bought him and am taking him to a big parade where we had to ride in front of the street sweeper. Did not faze him at all. The second pic is of the 4 year old class to the farm. All waiting for thier turn to pet the horse. And him waiting for his turn to get petted by them.

Teresa Epperson, Tuck
Ponca City, Okla