Algae in Water Tank

As you know, Georgia summers are long and hot. I am diligent to ensure my horses have fresh and clean water all the time. My question is ALGAE, how do you prevent it?

Story originally posted by: Michael Lowder, DVM, MS Univ. of GA School of Veterinary Medicine

Hi Dr. Lowder!

I have a Rubbermaid 100 gal water tank for my horses and I dump it and scrub it every two days. Someone mentioned to me about adding a little bleach (Clorox) to my tank to deter the algae from building up and the water lasting longer. Is this safe? If so, how much do you use?



I would not add the bleach as the potential for error is great. Try adding a few goldfish and see what happens. Also, move the tank out of the sun.

Thanks, Dr. Lowder

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