Dear Dr. Lowder: My 14 year-old bay Arabian gelding has a sarcoid about the size of a quarter on the left side of his neck. The veterinarian examined it and suggested either cryosurgery, injections or just leaving it alone. I've heard that even after aggressive treatment, they often return.

Story originally posted by: Michael Lowder, DVM, MS Univ. of GA School of Veterinary Medicine

I have elected to leave it alone for now, but recently heard that applying Crest toothpaste with a toothbrush and brushing the sarcoid may get rid of it. Have you heard of this treatment? Do you have any suggestions for treating sarcoids or are they best left alone?
Thank you for your help.
June Stephens


Most are best just left alone. About 50% will return. There is a good article in Equus this month (May 2001 #283) on sarcoids that you might like to read. If you are determine to have it removed then I would try the Xxterra they talk about in the article.

Thanks, Dr. Lowder

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