To Close for Comfort

I have a three year old registered QH gelding. He is super on the trail, leading or following, meeting new horses, leaving the horses, going on his own, etc. His problem comes when we are following within a horse length away. He will reach forward, try to bite, then try to rear up to play with the horse in front of him. He doesn't do this if we are more than a horse length away.

Story originally posted by: Maggie Training Director

This guy is solid and will listen to cues, I have had the rider in front of me work on circleing behind me and then passing us to go back in the front, he is doing fine with this. I can’t pin point the time that he will just decide it is recess.

He is stabled with a 27 year old mare and a 18 year old mini, he is the low man but will try to play with the mares, unfortunaltly they don’t take the offer. Most of the riding is done on the road, or the snowmobile trails, I don’t have a ring. Any ideas?


Hi Nancy,

What you are doing with the other rider is good, but you see they are not the one who should be doing the circles. By having the other rider do the circles, it is not teaching your horse anything except that the other horse can do rings around his behavior which allows him to hold on to them. He is the one that needs to do the work. When he misbehaves around the other horses he is getting away with it because everyone else is doing the corrective work for him. He is the one you should be enforcing the “do wrong and work, do right and enjoy” rule on. So my advice to you is, reverse the action and make him pay for his misbehavior.

One last note: he is now thinking you are a softy, because you have not taken control and he is thinking he is getting away with everything he does and everything he may do in the future. Uncorrected this misbehavior will only spread and become worse.

Maggie Flowers