Canada’s Eric Lamaze Wins $216,000 Ariat Grand Prix

Canadian Olympic Champion Eric Lamaze won the $216,000 Ariat Grand Prix held Sunday, February 7, during the CSI4* Winter Equestrian Festival...

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Equine Quarantine

Horses always feel safest and most content when in the company of others of their kind. But in certain situations, you may need to quarantine a...

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Pagosa Country Offers Challenging Trails & a Feast for Your Eyes

Located in the "Colorado Sunbelt" only 35 miles north of...

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How Ground Work Translates into Riding Work

Now that Tag is home from the trainer, Jenn and I have really been getting more arena work in with a short trail ride before or after....

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IMPORTANT! The 2011 Road to the Horse event is available for viewing. If you are having trouble viewing the webcast after logging in, click the Road to the Horse International 2013 banner at the top of the subscription box. That should take you directly to the webcast. We apologize for the inconvenience. has important links for everyone who want to sign up and who have already signed up for the Road to the Horse 2013 webcast. We have provided a step-by-step sign up guide, a frequently asked questions page and a webcast help guide. We want you to have the best experience possible.

Be aware that the webcast will begin on March 8, around 11 am EST, as we will be showing both the 2011 and 2012 Road to the Horse events. This would be a good time to test your systems before live streaming begins on March 15.

Step-By-Step Webcast Sign-Up Instructions

To sign up for the webcast, simply click the green [SUBSCRIBE] button in the large Road to the Horse 2013 box on the left side of this page. Be sure to click on the "Read the pre-sign-up FAQ " link at the bottom of the box. This will provide you with basic webcast information and minimum system requirements.

Once you click the Subscribe button, you will then be taken to a Road to the Horse 2013 Live Webcast Sign-Up form.

Type in a Username in the space labeled Username. This may be any name you wish, for example JohnDoe. if you type in a Username and you receive a message that it is already in use, you must choose a different Username.

Type in your email address.

Type in a password of your choosing that you will remember.

*Be sure to write down your username and password or save it someplace you can retrieve it.

Click [Register]

You will then be taken to a Confirm Invoice page, which provides the price of the webcast: $29.99. If you wish to continue, click Check Out at the bottom of the Confirm Invoice box.

You will then be directed to PayPal, where you need to enter all your payment information. *Please do not use eChecks as payment. These take too long to process.

After your payment information is entered, you will receive an email verifying payment.

Note that NO REFUNDS will be given once the live webcast begins on March 15. If for some reason you need a refund, you must contact someone from our technical support team BEFORE March 15. Technical support information is available below.

Once you have received verification of payment, visit, click the gray Log-In button, which is in the same Road to the Horse 2013 box where you clicked Subscribe to sign up for the webcast. Enter your Username and Password that you saved at sign up. Click the Remember Me box so it will retain this information. You should then be taken to the webcast.

Enjoy the webcast! The webcast will start March 8, around 11 am EST, with the 2011 Road to the Horse and then the 2012 Road to the Horse in their entirety. This is a good time to make sure everything is running correctly before the live webcast begins. The LIVE streaming of the 2013 Road to the Horse will begin March 15, 2013, around 11 am EST.

Once the webcast begins on March 8, around 11 am EST, you will be able to email or phone for technical support.

Call 762-218-3681 or email or

PLEASE leave a message if you get a busy signal. We will get to you as soon as we are able.

Technical support will be available weekdays 11 am - 5 pm, and Wednesday evening 7-10 pm. They will also be available on the weekend from 11 am - 5 pm.

Returning Visitors

Once you have signed-up, you can click the log-in button on the home page of anytime you want to view the webcast. If you are not taken directly to the webcast after logging in, return to the home page and click the Road to the Horse International 2013 banner at the top of the subscription box. This should take you directly to the webcast.

You can toggle the videos to run full screen if you like by clicking the small square symbol with four arrows at the bottom right of each video module. Click the symbol again to minimize the module.

Problems? Visit our Help Page at or call 762-218-3681 or email from 11-5 pm daily, including weekends.

Important Webcast Links

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