Have You Been to an ACTHA/PATH International Shamrock Ride?

If so, you have seen one or more of these amazing programs and met some of the gifted and caring staff and their volunteers. Every year, more than 7,400 PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) members help 56,000 children and adults with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges find strength and independence through the power of the horse. Plus, PATH centers often give a new lease on life to horses who have lost their jobs.


National Trail Horse Assoc. Presents "Money Trail" Show Series

Wow! Here’s some unique and innovative thinking that makes “horse showing” fun for all and competitive once again: simply focus on benefits for exhibitors and horses instead of management profits and convenience.

The newly formed National Trail Horse Association (NTHA) (www.ntha.com) has flipped-flopped “traditional horse show thinking”, all for the enjoyment of those who love to compete, win and profit.


APHA Ride America Program Partners With ACTHA to Benefit Trail Riders

The American Paint Horse Association’s Ride America program was developed in 1994 as a way to recognize recreational riders for the time spent riding their Paint Horses on trails. Riders log hours spent and in doing such create a permanent achievement record for their horse with APHA.


Riding Through History on the Lewis and Clark Trail

By Mark Gochman

In 1805 Lewis and Clark led their Corps of Discovery on the search for a water route across North America. Over 200 years later, one section of the route they took, the Lolo Trail in north central Idaho, remains almost exactly as it was when Lewis and Clark first made their historic trek.


Ride the Historic Florida Cracker Trail!

From the 1820's through the 1930's, when you could drive cattle across the state of Florida without crossing a fence, cow hunters gathered marketable cattle in Fort Pierce and drove them west for 130 miles to a port near the mouth of Tampa Bay. The cattle were loaded onto ships, bound for Cuba and the Caribbean, and the cow men returned home with saddlebags full of gold coins. These cow hunters found that using whips and dogs to move the sly cattle was more effective than the lariats used out west because of Florida's unique terrain. They became known as Florida "Crackers," since the crack of the long whip in the air was what moved the cattle and signaled other cow hunters. 


Trail Riding Reveals the Natural Wonders of the Ozarks

Viewing the natural wonders off the beaten path in the Ozark National Forest of Northern Arkansas begins with www.trailriding.net and Tall Pine Horse Resort, Norfork, Arkansas, owned by Debra Racheter. This was our second stay at Tall Pine Horse Resort and Debra guided us on ride we won't forget. On this brisk winter morning with temperatures in the 30's there were eight of us preparing for a day in the saddle. 


Trail Riding Across the USA

By Carole Herder, of Cavallo

Have you checked out www.bestofamericabyhorseback.com? Also known as BOABH, this is a super site promoting a national trail riding TV show. Each week they take viewers to beautiful destinations around the country, showcasing different trail riding locations across America. The program also provides educational and informative segments on horses, travel, equine care and quality equine services and products.


Tips to Trail Horse Riding Safety and Etiquette

Trail riding is an equestrian activity that any rider can accomplish safely with the right equipment and training. As with any outdoor activity, there are inherent dangers associated with trail riding. Even though many unexpected things can happen on the trail, most trail riding accidents are preventable. 


Discover New Trails With the American Competitive Trail Horse Association

You owe it to yourself and your horse to take a break from the arena and get out and enjoy a relaxing trail ride, and ACTHA is the perfect way to do just that! The American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) has held more than 1,000 rides nationwide,  so there’s sure to be a ride in your area.


ACTHA Opens Competitive Trail Challenge to Non-Members

The American Competitive Trail Horse Association is committed to improving the health and welfare of horses nationwide. The well-being of the horse has always been a priority to ACTHA and is the driving force behind ACTHA’s Mission.


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