ACTHA Reaches Out for the Veteran

November 11th is always reserved as Veterans Day in observance of the signing of the armistice ending World War One in 1918.  ACTHA is shooting for 111 events on Veterans Day week end with all proceeds, except direct administrative costs, going to Veteran Outreach Programs like Horses4Heroes where ACTHA has been successful finding members to set up local chapters.


ACTHA’s New “Mentor” Division Announced

As the idea of natural horsemanship training has become more mainstream in the equine community of the United States, the value of trail riding is increasingly prevalent in the training process of both horses and riders. 


PATH Intl. Receives $7,500 Donation from Cavallo Horse & Rider

ACTHA, as agent for its long time sponsor Cavallo Horse and Rider Inc., has delivered a $7,500 contribution to the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.). 


ACTHA Joins USEF as an Alliance Partner

ACTHA, the American Competitive Trail Horse Association, is pleased to  announce their joining with the USEF as an alliance partner.


American Competitive Trail Horse Association “Casual Competition, Serious Fun"

ACTHA's Competitive Year 2013/2014 Closes With Cavallo Horse and Rider's $10,000 Pay Out, Tucker Saddles, Championship Jackets, Ovation Helmets, More Saddles, Best Junior Buckle Ever, and Championship Buckles From Molly's Custom Silver That Larry Mahan Would Be Proud to wear. We asked him!


Cold River Equine Trail Challenge & Obstacle Course May 31 - June 1, 2014 - Cresson, TX

Cresson, TX - There will be Great Prizes and Ribbons for 1st - 6th for each ride.   Adding to the excitement is the BUCKLE award ceremony on Sunday for the Texas Private Ranches Tournament.  

Fun, fun, fun!!  Pot luck dinner Friday night - ride management will provide spiral sliced ham.


30 Day Trial ACTHA Membership for Limited Time

Join the American Competitive Trail Horse Association while this offer lasts and get a full 30 day membership...but ride anytime(s) you want! Book your rides during your 30 day trial and no matter when the ride is you ride as a full member, with full member's only benefits and of course, prizes,  and MORE PRIZES!!!


Have You Been to an ACTHA/PATH International Shamrock Ride?

If so, you have seen one or more of these amazing programs and met some of the gifted and caring staff and their volunteers. Every year, more than 7,400 PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) members help 56,000 children and adults with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges find strength and independence through the power of the horse. Plus, PATH centers often give a new lease on life to horses who have lost their jobs.


National Trail Horse Assoc. Presents "Money Trail" Show Series

Wow! Here’s some unique and innovative thinking that makes “horse showing” fun for all and competitive once again: simply focus on benefits for exhibitors and horses instead of management profits and convenience.

The newly formed National Trail Horse Association (NTHA) ( has flipped-flopped “traditional horse show thinking”, all for the enjoyment of those who love to compete, win and profit.


APHA Ride America Program Partners With ACTHA to Benefit Trail Riders

The American Paint Horse Association’s Ride America program was developed in 1994 as a way to recognize recreational riders for the time spent riding their Paint Horses on trails. Riders log hours spent and in doing such create a permanent achievement record for their horse with APHA.


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