See Through Your Horse's Eyes!

Over the years, people have often asked questions about specific problems they were encountering with their horses and we've tried our best to provide them with the answers they sought. More importantly, however, we try to encourage people to change the way they think about horses in general. Yes, there are specific fixes to specific problems, but a better solution is a "fix" to all our problems. The magic fix is to build a real partnership with our horse.

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Reform a Rearing Horse

Courtesy of Western Horseman

Canadian horseman Jonathan Field explains what causes a horse to rear, and shares how to safely correct the negative reaction.

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Types of Bits Explained

My name is Kirsten Boman and I have a three year old Paint/Pinto. He has been in training for several months now and at first had no problem at all. But lately he has begun to chew the bit and will not stop. He is not being used heavily and has not even started cantering do to his size.

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Beginning Neck Reining

I have a 7 yr old, Quarter horse that is primarily ridden western, and I would like to train him to neck rein. How do I go about starting the process? All my efforts do not seem to be working, and should I start on the ground or in the saddle?

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How to Get Your Horse to Load on a Trailer Safely

This is a safe and effective way to teach or reteach your horse to load safely on a trailer without causing injury to you or your horse. The first thing to remember is to stay consistent with the cues you use with your horse. They can be voice commands, hand, or body cues. This program can be completed in an afternoon or over a month. Work at a pace that is comfortable to you and the horse. You will need a snaffle bit attached to the halter, a lunge line, and a dressage whip. NO TREATS.

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Wake Up Your Warmblood

You love the calm sensibility of your warmblood. But here's the problem: after every ride, you're exhausted. You've had to work so hard getting this placid fellow to move, you think your legs might collapse from weariness. Before you take up weight training you find yourself wondering, should riding really be such hard work?

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Creating a Willing Partner: The Story of a Sour Horse

by Nanette Levin,

There are a number of circumstances that can make a horse sour. It's important to be creative and responsive in how you approach the training and communication regimen.

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How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Horse and What do You Get When You do?

I want to get a Horse but my mom doesn't know how much it costs to own one. How much is it to board a horse at a stable?  How much is it usually to lease a horse?  And ... What are you paying for when you lease a horse?

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Back Ups & Stops

By Raye Lochert 

Are you having trouble with your back ups and stops? Maybe your horse is not stopping quickly enough or straight enough. Maybe when you ask your horse to back up you feel like you have to pull really hard. When you stop from a higher speed, like a trot or lope, does it feel like you are going to bounce right over the top of your horse? Well, no worries, this tip will help solve all those problems.

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The Benefits of Lunging Your Horse

by Charles Wilhelm

Question: Why is it important that I lunge my horse? I would also like to understand the essentials of this exercise.

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