Back Ups & Stops

By Raye Lochert 

Are you having trouble with your back ups and stops? Maybe your horse is not stopping quickly enough or straight enough. Maybe when you ask your horse to back up you feel like you have to pull really hard. When you stop from a higher speed, like a trot or lope, does it feel like you are going to bounce right over the top of your horse? Well, no worries, this tip will help solve all those problems.


The Benefits of Lunging Your Horse

by Charles Wilhelm

Question: Why is it important that I lunge my horse? I would also like to understand the essentials of this exercise.


Why Groundwork Is So Important

By Tim Hayes
Courtesy of Equine Journal 
The Spanish Riding School in Vienna Austria is considered by most to be the finest school of riding and horsemanship in the world. To become a member, learn classical dressage and master the art of training the great white Lipizzaners is for many the highest honor a human can achieve in the world of the horse.  Whether or not one agrees with this statement is not significant. Knowing that before any student is permitted to ride they must complete four years of groundwork ; is however, most definitely significant!


Using the Bosal

May I ask what you mean when you say "there is an art in a bosal's use?" Are there any important specifics to know when using one? Does a hackamore or a bosal have more control? Your response is very much appreciated, thank you!


Making Cavallettis Work for You

Cavalletti (it's Italian for "little horses") are a familiar piece of equipment for anyone who rides English. A cavalletto (the singular form) functions as a hybrid between a trotting pole and an actual jump. It usually takes the form of a 10 or 12-foot pole, bolted on either end to a wooden X. Depending on whether you turn the cavalletto so that the pole is suspended underneath the X, to the side of the X, or on top, you get three different heights with which to challenge your horse.


Holding Hands

Does your horse resist your rein aids? Or does he hesitate before turning? Do you have sore hands, shoulders or arms after you ride? Do you feel like you have to pull your horse around more than you would like to? Do you think you have kinds hands but your horse still objects to your contact? The answer to these problems may be in what you consider soft hands compared to how it feels to your horse.


You Can Have a Great Ride on Your Horse Every Day!

Attitude is a choice. You don't have to have a bad day. Here are 3 simple ways to insure that every ride you have with your horse is a great one! Want to know how to have a great ride everyday? Stop expecting. 


Teaching Your Horse to Spin, It's Easier Than You Think

Question from a rider:

I'm trying to figure out how to teach my horse to spin, what is the easiest way to get them started? I've been having trouble with them wanting to suck back and hop with their front end and not staying on their inside pivot foot.

Steve Kutie's reply:

I'm sure that everyone has seen a reining horse spinning like a top and thought "How did they teach them to do that"? To be truthful the spin is really simple and easy to teach if you follow a few simple steps.


Transitioning from a Bit to Bitless

For many horse riders riding bitless is a scary idea. The common concerns are "I won't have any control without a bit", "I would never ride my horse without a bit, it's too dangerous", and "I'm scared that my horse will take off without a bit". Transitioning your horse from riding with a bit to bitless is relatively easy when you learn a few safety techniques that put you in control. No matter whether you ride English or Western, just a simple rope halter is all you need to get started.


Don't Put Off 'til Tomorrow What Must be Done Today

Quite often owners bring their horses to me to be "fixed". Most of the time what needs to be fixed wouldn't be necessary if the problem had been addressed right when it first appeared. Horses are very much like kids - if you give them an inch they will take a mile. If you don't "nip it in the bud" it will blossom into uncontrollable behavior. It's not necessarily because they are bad (both kids and horses), but because they are looking for the right answer which, in turn, creates security.


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