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Searching for Your Perfect Partner

by Laura Wagner

Horses are so ingrained in some of us that we cannot help ourselves but to be around them any way possible. Looking for your next horse is a task that warrants no guarantees.


A Second Chance at Life

By Coleman Cornelius

Kate Marley knelt on the neck of a young rescued horse that, minutes before, had been altered from stallion to gelding.


How Working Cattle Helps Your Horsemanship with Julie Goodnight

In preparation for our first ranch-horse clinic of the season, I asked Julie to tell me a little about why she loves cow work and how it has improved her overall riding.


The Healing Power of Horses and PTSD

By New Jersey ACTHA Member Lois Dawn Fritz
When asked to share my "story" with other ACTHA members...initially, I did not want to draw any attention to myself.  Inside my head I knew God, my husband, my friends, my five horses and four dogs deserved the credit for the state of wellbeing that I enjoy today. 


The 5th Annual Military Night, Presented by The Boeing Company, Returns to the Washington International Horse Show

The Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) will welcome and honor current and former members of the United States Armed Forces to Verizon Center on Friday, October 23, for the fifth annual WIHS Military Night, presented by The Boeing Company. The night will highlight Boeing's $25,000 International Jumper Puissance High Jump class alongside the $50,000 International Jumper Speed Final, presented by Rushy Marsh Farm and AAA Equestrian. Competition at WIHS will begin Tuesday, October 20, and continue through Sunday, October 25.


Record Keeping Requirements in the Horse Industry

Horse businesses should be operated basically in the same way as other business, utilizing business principles and judgment in decision-making, and maintaining appropriate books and records. In fact, only a minimum level of record-keeping or businesslike records is required by Tax Court cases, and the primary concern is the accuracy of the records kept--showing the number of horses owned at a given time, the date of purchase, sale prices, breeding data, horse show entry dates, racing results, and so on. 


Devil With a Fur Suit On

I once heard pony ownership described as a "legal form of child abuse." People not familiar with the personality of those furry little buggers tend to look at the cute exterior and not see the demonic personality lurking just beneath the surface. A pony can be the first thing that sparks the interest of a child in a life with horses. It's a miracle that anyone rides or owns horses.


The Value of a Cherished Life

By ACTHA Member Jan Poland
There's a man, one of my husband's work cohorts from twenty plus years ago, to whom I owe a huge "thank you".  My husband, being the furthest thing from a horse person, was tough to convince that Ashley, our daughter, needed a horse.  But this man told him that getting a horse for his daughter was the wisest decision he had ever made. 


How To Work With A Challenging Horse

In the Video of the Week, Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship provides an extensive clinic on how to work with a challenging horse.


Loose Horse! Trail Ride Gone Wrong

A few months ago I was on a training ride in my favorite park on a client's horse. He was an exceptional fellow and I felt very secure on him. He just needed time and miles. We were headed up a fire road trail at a walk when all of a sudden he became very stiff.


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