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From Rescue Horse to USEF Horse of the Year: Chester Weber’s Beloved Jamaica Turns 25

He was the international rags to riches story that won the hearts of America and the world. A Dutch-bred gelding destined for slaughter who proved too high-spirited for a job pulling a city carriage, then plucked from obscurity by one of the greatest four-in-hand drivers in history. He became a champion whose steel shoes were gifted to Prince Phillip by President Obama, and who was commemorated as a Breyer® horse model. His athleticism and driving honors earned him the title of 2008 USEF Horse of the Year, and made him a 2013 inductee into the EQUUS Foundation Horse Hall of Fame.  

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“Horses Helping Humans” Workshop Offered in Lexington, KY

Equine therapy programs are increasing in popularity across the U.S; and they are being used to help everyone from children with disabilities to veterans returning home who are having challenges readjusting to civilian life. For those running or volunteering at equine therapy programs, the amount of training and skills needed can be, at times, overwhelming.

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World-wide Marketplace

Courtesy of Barrel Horse News
Opportunities await with international buyers—learn how to market and sell your horse abroad with these tips.

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Why Horse Slaughter is Necessary

Smiley says "I think it's time that we talk honestly about the slaughter of horses ... talk about the alternatives. Few who are anti-slaughter do, even veterinarians, because horse slaughter is a very tricky issue; much trickier, say, than factory farms for chickens or slaughter conditions for beef cattle or even for veal calves.

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Appaloosas: The Coat of Many Colors

While spotted horses have been seen in ancient cave drawings dating back as far as 20,000 years in Europe and Asia, it was not until the early 1700s that the spotted horse known as the Appaloosa first made it's mark in North America. The Spanish introduced horses to North America during their explorations. Eventually, as these horses found their way into the lives of Indians and were traded with other tribes, their use spread until most of the Native American populations in the Northwest were mounted by about 1730.

How Horses Heal Humans

By Tim Hayes, courtesy of Equine Journal
Twenty years ago, as I began to gather research that would eventually form the basis of my book, Riding Home—The Power of Horses to Heal, I had my first eyewitness exposure to the psychological impact a horse can have on a human. It occurred when I was invited to observe a unique equine program at a high-end health spa outside of Tucson, Arizona. It's called Miraval, and then as well as today, it offers what it calls the Equine Experience, created and led by a brilliant therapist and horseman named Wyatt Webb.

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Have You Seen a Horse With Curls?

Golden Curls Ranch has Mustangs with curls! These Mustangs come in every color and size and are truly part of our American Heritage. 

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Palm Beach Equine Clinic Provides Externships to Wellington High School Seniors

The veterinarians of Palm Beach Equine Clinic (PBEC) have always enjoyed contributing to supporting the local community in Wellington, FL. As a leader in equine veterinary medicine, PBEC makes it a priority to share knowledge and guide the aspiring youth. Currently, through Wellington High School’s (WHS) Equine Pre-Vet Program, PBEC has a hands-on program for students to enrich the minds and further the careers of the industry’s promising young professionals.

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Searching for Your Perfect Partner

by Laura Wagner

Horses are so ingrained in some of us that we cannot help ourselves but to be around them any way possible. Looking for your next horse is a task that warrants no guarantees.

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A Second Chance at Life

By Coleman Cornelius

Kate Marley knelt on the neck of a young rescued horse that, minutes before, had been altered from stallion to gelding.

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