Braiding Rawhide Horse Tack

Unlike many texts on the subject, this valuable, revised and expanded second edition of the popular instruction manual for novice rawhide workers, Braiding Rawhide Horse Tack, by Robert L. Woolery, assumes no prior knowledge or experience. In over 180 drawings and photographs, the reader is shown every step of the process, beginning with a fresh cowhide, continuing through cutting strings and braiding, and ending with finished reatas, bosals, hobbles, or reins. 

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The Best Keeps Getting Better

Omega Alpha Introduces Advanced Sinew-X Plus with Hyaluronic Acid and New RegenerEQ Plus Paste

Barn Management Made Easy!

In today’s world, multitasking is no longer a skill – it’s a requirement. From riding multiple horses to teaching lessons, keeping track of blanketing and turnout, farrier visits; vet appointments and more, trainers and barn managers have their hands full. founder Kate Rice knows that life well; after more than two decades of work experience in busy stables, she created StableSecretary to make the jobs of barn managers and trainers more manageable.

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New Colorful Designer Dy-noTurn Boots From Classic Equine

Your favorite boots just received an upgrade. Dy-noTurn™ bell boots from Classic Equine, are now available in three new selections. These boots have been the first choice of equestrians in almost every discipline, helping protect countless horses against overreaching and clipping injuries. These trusted boots are now available in three new styles, fresh for 2015.

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Cavender’s Celebrates 50th Anniversary

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of a Texas western classic. Cavender’s has become the go-to western wear retailer with a reach spanning 8 states. They stand apart from others in the industry in more ways than one.  Still owned and operated by the Cavender family, their roots are sunk deep in the western lifestyle. This allows them to get a feel for what their customers want and they have not forgotten their humble beginnings.

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Cowboy Kid Saddles

For young riders who are serious about competing, Cashel Company introduces a line of saddles to help them in their chosen discipline. Cowboy Kid® Saddles are designed specifically to help keep them in a correct position, allowing them to focus on balance, control, and the basics of their sport.

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New Hybrid Boot at a Great Price

A new boot has made its way into Classic Equine’s line, offering a combination of fit, function, and value. The CrossFit™ Boot is a design innovation taking leg protection and support to whole new level. CrossFit features a sleek, modern fit that allows the leg to function naturally with complete lower limb protection and support.

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W.F. Young Introduces New Bigeloil® Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads

The traditional practice of poulticing horses’ legs and hooves has proven to be an invaluable treatment for general heat and stiffness, withstanding the tests of time. However, the mess it can create is equally timeless, as generations of horse owners have struggled with sloppy application.

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Choosing The Best Charger for Your Electric Fence

By Paige Cerulli

Your electric fence will only be as effective as its charger. When it comes to selecting a charger for your fence, you will want to be sure to choose the charger that is best for your specific needs. There are some important factors to consider when choosing a charger for your fence.

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Special Offer From Noble Outfitters

Noble Outfitters would like to thank everyone who entered the November Fall Prize Package Giveaway. The prize winner has been announced: Linda Risdon, of Laurel, Montana. However, for entering the contest, Noble Outfitters would like to offer you something special.

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