Exiss Aluminum Trailers Announces Ultimate Horse Fanatic Giveaway

Exiss Trailers is proud to giveaway the Ultimate Horse Trailer Fanatic prize (2014 Kubota RTV 400 CI-A, One ton of Nutrena Horse feed, All-Around Cactus Saddlery saddle and breast collar, and $250 coupon to The Boot Barn) to a lucky winner! Entries open May 1 and will close Oct. 10. Contestants have TWO chances to enter this drawing. They may enter via the Exiss Facebook page (www.facebook.com/exisstrailers), or in person at an authorized Exiss tradeshow booth or via a participating dealer.


Omega Alpha Probiotic 8 Is Now Available in Single Serve Packets

The new must have for anyone who boards their horse or stables away from home during show season - Biotic 8™.   

Our best selling Probiotic blend is now available in handy, single serving packets.    


New Product Creates a Cool, Bug-free Haven for Horses

Kool Kurtains™, a new, scientifically -advanced product, create a cool, bug-free haven for horses. Kool Kurtains are designed to keep barns, stalls and run-in-sheds cool while simultaneously screening out insects and birds.


Purina Introduces SuperSport Supplement for Faster Muscle Recovery

Study performed at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center demonstrated horses receiving supplement experienced decreased recovery time and increased exercise capacity, among other benefits, when compared to horses receiving alfalfa pellets. Purina Animal Nutrition introduced SuperSport™ amino acid supplement, a scientifically formulated amino acid formula proven to support equine performance and overall fitness. Purina developed the proprietary formula on its 1,200-acre nutrition research farm, where it demonstrated the ability to support muscle recovery, increase exercise capacity and support muscle development.


New Equine First Aid Kits

Three new equine first aid kits will soon be available to horse owners. EquiMedic USA, Inc., the world leader in equine first aid, recently announced that it will release, in time for Christmas, one brand new endorsed first aid kit, plus two different sizes of wound care management only, complete first aid kits.


Fly Fashion

The humble fly mask has received a makeover. Horse owners this year have raised the bar for equine fashion, which is reflected in many new offerings.


Game Changer Seat Saver by ThinLine

ThinLine® is excited to offer a new line of seat savers, which will give riders the opportunity to experience the same shock absorbing performance of ThinLine® saddle pads!

With our material in direct contact with the rider, creating a bond with the horse is easier. Test riders have been stunned by their improved ability to sit more quietly and react better to the horses' motion. The new game-changing seat saver has been created using our unique Ultra ThinLine® material that is endorsed by spinal surgeons, master saddle fitters, and top riders - using these seat savers will provide superior shock absorption and a more comfortable, pain free ride.


Adjust Your Correction

Looking at horses of all disciplines, there are a few universal characteristics that riders must take into account when saddling. Many horses have conformation that is difficult to adapt to for a number of reasons. These are often referred to as “high-withered” or “narrow-shouldered.” Commonly, the end result can be a “downhill” saddle, sometimes causing the saddle to collapse on the spine at the withers. Classic Equine created the BioFit Correction Pad to help raise the front of the saddle up to a more level position.


Electric Hoof Trimmer Gets New Brand and Design

The Merlin Hoof Trimming Tool has been rebranded the Electric Hoof Knife and has undergone a redesign to make it more durable and effective for use in the hoof care industry. On sale April 2014, the new model’s upgrades are the direct result of Allen DeWolf, President of DeWolf & Associates, LLC, listening to eight years of customer suggestions and feedback.


Author of Mystery Novel “Winners” Unbridles Charity Promotion to Raise Critical Funds to Assist Retired Racehorses

Merle H. Horwitz, mystery novelist, has established the Merle H. Horwitz Racing Donations program to help racehorses no longer able to compete on the track. As part of the new program, Horwitz will donate all profits from the sale of his latest mystery novel, “Winners”, to The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER) for an indefinite period of time. Through CANTER’s website, the public can view thoroughbred racehorses that are ending their racing careers and are available for purchase to begin a new career.


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