Mare Refusing to Enter Arena

My name is Courtney and I am having a problem with my barrel horse. When I bought her she went in the gate without a problem. I have had her 2 years now and the year that I bought her I ran gymkhana on her. It was once a month. She went in good at first but after the 4th show she started refusing me. By the end of the year she was uncontrollable in the arena.


Advances in Equine Podiatry at Palm Beach Equine Clinic

Palm Beach Equine Clinic (PBEC) is proud to have beneficial consulting relationships with many equine medical professionals throughout the country, including Dr. Stephen E. O’Grady, DVM, MRCVS, of Virginia Therapeutic Farriery. Dr. O’Grady provides advanced services in equine podiatry, offering comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance for a variety of foot conditions using medical therapy as well as therapeutic shoeing.


Bee Prepared on Your Trail Rides

As we enter Autumn, we need to remember that this is the season when bees or wasps are most aggressive and defensive of their nests. We were reminded of this recently when only one horse/rider combination of four returned to the ranch. We did find the others and thankfully no horses or riders were seriously injured, but they were stung repeatedly and were pretty shaken up. One particular horse took the brunt of the attack and was stung all over his body.