Head Set Training

I have a 7 year old paint mare named 'Lacey Calico Doll.' I show her in English and Western Pleasure. BUT she does not really have a good head set! I have trained her so that when I do a see-saw on the reins she puts a head down but then she puts her head back up again! I tried doing it harder and then softer, but it does not work! I sometimes ride with a surcingle on or put her in the arena with it on her. She sometimes bucks too, because she's moody. It's a GIRL thing. (hehe) Can you help me...

Club Foot and More “Foot”notes

My horse has a slight club foot and when the shoes were taken off, the hoof broke off pretty short in the toe. He has been sore for 2 days and on the 3rd day there was heat in the front part of the hoof. My vet said to put heat on the hoof as there could be an abscess and this would draw it out. My farrier is DEER HUNTING and can't be reached. How does an abscess symptom begin? Does this sound like an abscess? My horse can put weight on the foot pretty good but turning from side to side is...


Get on the Road to Mental Riding Recovery

Whether you're an accomplished horseman or a lower-level competitor, it's likely you have faced times when your riding has gotten off-track. Maybe you've had a fall that left your confidence bruised. Or your quest to break a certain percentage point at Second Level keeps getting falling short because of your inability to focus. Regardless of the nature of your issue, it's likely you can improve the situation by mentally training yourself, in addition to training your horse.