13th Annual National Farriers Week 2012

Farriers work hard year-round to provide quality hoof care for horses worldwide. To honor their dedication and service, American Farriers Journal created National Farriers Week.

In its 13th year, National Farriers Week is an opportunity to honor your farrier. We think it is important for horse owners, trainers, riders, grooms, veterinarians and others in the equine community to say “thanks” for all of the terrific work farriers do.

Although we hope you show your appreciation all year long, we’re encouraging you to acknowledge your farrier’s hard work from July 8-14, 2012.

This year, American Farriers Journal is going to spotlight farriers based on your feedback. From now until July 1, we encourage horse owners to submit pictures of their farrier working with their horses, and share why you appreciate your farrier or tell us a story about your farrier.

If you are a farrier making a difference in the industry, send us your pictures and tell us a unique story of how you helped improve a horse’s life. We will be featuring your stories, and the stories horse owners share with us during National Farriers Week on Facebook, Twitter and AmericanFarriers.com.

Great or small, we want to hear everything farriers are doing to support the industry. You can submit your photos and stories to Michelle Sauer at msauer@lesspub.com. Be sure to include your full name and location with your submission (if you are a horse owner, please include your farriers full name and location as well).

American Farriers Journal has also posted a certificate for National Farriers Week that horse owners can download and personalize for their farriers. It can be downloaded at http://www.americanfarriers.com/file_open.php?id=173

We look forward to hearing your stories, sharing your pictures and highlighting the individuals who work hard to keep our horses sound.