Accelerate Your Horsemanship – Clinton Anderson 2012 Schedule Released

Renowned horseman Clinton Anderson will instruct four levels of horsemanship clinics in 2012 at the Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Stephenville, Texas.


April 25 – May 5 – Fundamentals Clinic

Participants will gain firsthand knowledge on how to transform a stiff, heavy and unwilling horse into a soft, supple and cooperative partner, and learn exercises to improve their seat, build their confidence and increase their sense of feel and timing – essential ingredients to becoming a skilled horseman. Clinic curriculum focuses on Clinton’s horsemanship philosophy and over 30 groundwork and riding exercises.  

May 14 – 18 – Confidence Clinic

Horsemen lacking confidence either on the ground or under saddle get the boost they need in a clinic tailored just for them. Clinic curriculum will center on elements from Clinton’s horsemanship method especially geared toward regaining lost confidence and putting the fun back in horsemanship.

June 1 – 10 – Colt Starting Clinic

For the first time in five years, Clinton will be instructing a colt starting clinic, helping participants take their young horses from unstarted to riding on the trail in 10 days. Clinton’s approach to colt starting, which he learned from his late Australian mentor Gordon McKinlay, is focused on preparation and safety for both horse and rider. 

November 1 – 10 – Intermediate Clinic

The second level of Clinton’s horsemanship method focuses on gaining even more control of the horse’s feet on the ground and achieving true lightness and suppleness in the saddle. Emphasis is placed on gaining control of the horse’s five body parts – the head and neck, poll, shoulders, ribcage and hindquarters because total control of the horse’s body results in total confidence and collection.

Immersed in the Method

At clinics, participants live and breathe horsemanship and receive hands-on instruction from Clinton and his Certified Clinicians. Clinics begin each day at 9 AM and run until 5 PM, and Clinton’s Certified Clinicians are available each morning and evening for additional personalized help. Besides learning essential exercises to gain a horse’s trust, participants learn how to put that knowledge to use in practical settings while working over an obstacle course and on the trail.
All of Clinton’s clinics are held at the all-encompassing Downunder Horsemanship Ranch in Stephenville, Texas. Participants will get to utilize Clinton’s 300’ x 150’ covered arena, 300’ round arena, elaborate obstacle course that includes over 20 challenges and wi-fi equipped classroom.  Participants’ horses are given their own individual runs on the clinic grounds, complete with shelters, automatic waterers, hay mangers and no-tip feeders. Each run has an associated tack/hay/feed storage area and its own Patience Pole.
Discover for yourself the innovation, inspiration and instruction that make Clinton Anderson Horsemanship Clinics a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  
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